Cradled Original Artwork


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      The artwork measures 22 x 35 inches. 

      The frame measure 25 x 40 inches. 


      Cradled combines a variety of materials like colored pencil, graphite, and watercolor to form a remarkable portrait, yet what truly catches the eye are the hundreds of tiny cut outs that engulf the artwork. These cuts become even more striking when one considers that each and every one of them was carved out by hand using a craft knife. Through that process, Manifestation 3 becomes a representation of time, the weeks spent creating the drawing and painting, and then the additional month used to cut each of those tiny patterns and shapes. The result is a portrait that both obscures and heightens the figure beneath.


      Hahnemühle rice paper, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil. All materials used in this artwork are archival.


      The frame was carved by local carpenters here in Utah. The plexiglass slides through an opening in the top of the frame, allowing the artwork to be seen from both the front and backside. The artwork appears to float in midair while the cut outs cast beautiful shadows on the wall behind it. The frame is lightly stained alder. 


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