Seer Original Artwork


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      The artwork measures 18 x 19 inches


      Seer combines a graphite drawing with a handcut layer of paper to create a powerful artwork that pays homage to the artist's hand. Beginning with the drawing, weeks were devoted to rendering the portrait of the young woman and the leaves surrounding her. Next came the cut out, a layer richly adorned in patterns that were cut using a precision knife and completed entirely by hand. It too represents weeks of carefully executed work. The result is a portrait of meditation and focus as the woman's eye, observing all before her, peers through the pattern. All materials used in this artwork are archival.

      This artwork comes unframed. The blue paper used as the background is a sheet of dark blue kyoseishi crinkled Japanese momi paper created by papermakers in Japan. The blue background paper and the artwork are not attached so that the framer has more options with the framing. I can adhere the two together though if you prefer. The blue paper will be shipped along with the artwork. Using archival adhesive, the papercut layer and the portrait are glued together at the base of the cut out. 


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