Dayspring Original Artwork


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      The artwork measures 14 x 22 inches


      Using vibrant oranges and greens, Dayspring utilizes real plants to create an intricate collage of pattern and flora. The warm hues create a silhouette against the lush, leafy background, suggesting that we are a part of nature and that nature is part of us. 

      This artwork is created from real pressed plants. Although they may seem delicate, pressed plants are surprisingly durable. Back in 2016, archeologists found a pressed flower inside a 3,000 year old axe handle dating from the Bronze Age. The flower was still in tact! In this artwork each flower and leaf has been painted with lightfast acrylic paint, which means the color will never fade. As long as it's handled with care, your artwork can last centuries, just like that 3,000 year old flower. 

      Materials: pressed plants, archival watercolor paper, acrylic paint


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