Verum Original Artwork (Framed)


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      The artwork measures 34 x 34 inches

      With the frame 35 x 35 inches


      Verum combines two layers of intricate, handcut paper, each depicting a lush, green forest bordering either side of a frothy river. Each pattern and shape was cut out by hand using a precision knife and represents hours of meticulous focus. Verum takes the traditional landscape and transforms it into an impressive artifact through its use of pattern and shape. All the materials used in the artwork meet archival standards.


      The frame is a sleek, dark stain of walnut, a strong wood that can handle extensive traveling or moving. The frame is thin, modern, and fits a variety of different interiors. The artwork is firmly suspended between two pieces of plexi glass, allowing the landscape to float in midair while the pattern casts slight shadows onto the back of the frame. UV protected plexiglass rests over the artwork and prevents fading. Artwork framed by the professionals at Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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