Finding the Right Knife

Posted on July 09 2019

Finding the Right Knife


As the main tool of the trade, I have gone through countless knives trying to find the perfect fit. Here’s my review of my favorite and least favorite knives:

Ergokiwi – By far the most beautiful knife on the market. Made from real wood, the aesthetics of this knife can’t be beat, which is why it broke my heart when it didn’t fit my needs. The designers behind the ergokiwi wanted to create an ergonomic design that relieves stress on the wrist, but sadly that only applies to me when I’m making straight cuts. I do a lot of intense, tiny detail work, and I switch my grip and rotate my knife constantly, so keeping my hand in the same position all the time isn’t an option for me. I do use the ergokiwi for cutting foamcore, boxes, and other projects that need a clean straight line. It excels at that!

Xacto X3000 – This is the most comfortable knife I’ve used. It offers plenty of padding, and because it’s round and symmetrical, I can adjust my grip effortlessly, unlike with the ergokiwi. Unfortunately, Xacto has a notorious reputation of their blades coming loose, and I’ve discovered it’s true. My blade would slip out so consistently I hardly could cut. This knife can only be used on the most lightweight paper which doesn’t affect the blade as much. Not a win for me!

Excel Blades Soft Grip – Ahhh, my favorite knife. I worried that without as much padding, this knife would feel uncomfortable, but it actually does a good job! I haven’t developed any new callouses or aches. It’s also completely symmetrical on every side, and I can switch up my grip easily. Paired with the excel blades, which are a cut above the rest (no pun intended), this knife borders on perfection.

Fiskars Soft Grip – This knife runs into the same problems as the other ergonomic knives I’ve mentioned. Although that ergonomic grip is great for someone who keeps their fingers and wrist in the same position, it’s awful for someone like me. And one more small complaint. I know Fiskars signature color is orange, but does everything they make have to use such a bold color? I could use a little variety!

Excel Blades Fit Grip – I bought this one hoping it would be a more comfortable version of the Soft Grip. While it is more comfortable, I ran into the same problem I’ve had with other knives. The flat sides, meant to stop your knife from rolling off the table, also prevent me from adjusting my grip easily. I’m hoping Excel comes out with something closer to the Xacto X3000. That would be heavenly!

Recollections Craft Knife – that sad little pink knife on the end carried me through years of cutting. Although it’s probably the ugliest knife on the market, it was one of the most comfortable and durable knives I’ve used. I picked it up at Michaels a while back, but it has since been discontinued. Sorry, my little ugly duckling. I wish more artists could enjoy your soft grip!


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