Vision 1

Posted on June 11 2019

Vision 1


I finally finished my newest artwork, Vision 1. Trying to save on time, I made this artwork a bit smaller than my other pieces, and yet somehow I think it took just as much time. Oh, the ironies of art!

Even though it took longer than I expected, I enjoyed every part of the process. Using my own drawings instead of photographs has been so rewarding After years of not touching it (the last drawing I did was in college), I was nervous to work with graphite again, but I'm starting to feel more confident with the medium. On the first day I still have a panic attack as I figure out the proportions and shading, but fortunately it subsides when I realize I actually can do this. 

Cutting the paper layer out is the relaxing part of my process. Having already designed the pattern, all I have to do is cut. Without the anxiety of figuring out my next step, it's a relief to have at least one part of my process feel simple and easy. 

It never lasts though. I spent a few days rearranging the composition. Originally the paper layer covered more of the woman's face, but my group of Instagram followers persuaded me to move it over to the right. And I'm so glad I listened because I think it's so much better!

With this idea complete, it's now time to move on to the next artwork. I just read a great quote by David Bayles that reads, "The seed for your next artwork lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece." I learned quite a few lessons from Vision 1. Time to take those and put them into something new. 



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